Meet The Animal Lovers Who Will Treat Your Pet Like Family

Unlimited Play Time In Fenced Backyard

Muttserati is not your typical dog kennel or dog boarding facility, we offer cage free facility that only accept afew social dogs and we treat them like our own dogs. Muttserati is your pooch prime vacation spot, when youre away from home we can pick up and drop off your dog, you can have access to our security camera and watch your dog at anytime.

We insure that your dog is in right hands, we can set up meet up and we can evaluate your dog behavior one of our staff will take you to a tour and give you access to our security camera. If your dog needs special care such as medicen or long walk or brush out you may need purchase our Gold package that will cover a full service care at very resonable price.

To get a quote you can simply email or text us a detail request including the date that you want to board your dog or cat … your pet special care and concern … package you would like to purchase along with your dog picture and we will match any quote or give you the best price your can possibly find

Muttserati Boarding Prices is Based on Time You Would Like to Board Your Dogs and Your Dogs Weight

Our dog boarding price may be discounted if you have multiple pets or if you want to book over then 10 days. Our main goal is to service small and medium size dogs without any stress Unfortunately we’re unable to service any dogs over then 40 pounds. We can not accept dogs that demonstrate visible signs of aggression.

We offer most affordable price near Woodland hills area for boarding and we offer HALF OFF for each additional dog from the same family.

We have two packages for overnight boarding Silver package that includes most essential services and Gold package would be full service boarding and care with walk.

Silver boarding package

$40-60per day
  • Unlimited play time
  • Overnight boarding
  • Feeding your dog and cleaning
  • Small size dogs less then 20 lb $45per day
  • Medium size dogs less then 40 lb $60 per day
  • Unfortunately we’re unable to service large breed dogs over then 40lb

Gold package

$70-85per day
  • Two 30 minute walk
  • Unlimited play time
  • Feeding your dog and clean up
  • Washing there bed and collar
  • Brush out
  • Small size dogs less then 20 lb $75 per day
  • Medium size dogs less then 40 lb $85 per day
  • Unforthunatly we’re unable to service large breed dogs over then 40lb

We offer delivery service for $30 extra if your in our service area within 7 miles from Woodland Hills. If you would like to use our delivery service please let us know ahead of time.